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*gasp* people have been stealing your work?! okay we go send red virtual letters to them with tarot cards! >=]

and you said i was lazy.... >_>

yea and i know how crazy you can get with Jun! XDD we're always on Arashi crack!! XDD


Hi...I'm a crazy Jun fan too! XD

I added you...hope u don't mind adding me back...^_^Y



Yup. *tear* Someone informed me that they see my animations on myspace and etcetera, etcetera. xP I mean, I'd say YES if people just asked, that way, I know where they are. xD Yussss, let's send them! Only...I don't know where, lol.


Being on Arashi crack is the greatest feeling in the world, though! So you can yah really blame me??? XD


Yup, I have added you! n_n Thanks for the add!

Nice to meet a fellow Jun-crazed fan!!! :3


xD the world is more happy when you are a crazy jun fan +___+ and when you have a chibi Jun *w*


Yes, I couldn't agree more! *O* <3333


if i see anyone with your works and no credit at all i'll send my mini Maou minions at them!!! i don't know how but i'll find a way!!! muwahahahahaha!!!!! >=D

well that's cause i don't make good things that people would bother stealing!!! XDDD oh but i did see that this one girl took this crappy banner i made of them last year. O_O it was weird.... cause i just cut and pasted the pics together so i didn't care. =P .......*whacks you back*

hell yea!! it's better then real illegal crack!!! but it's not like i'd bother to try and compare the two. =P Arashi's our anti-drug!!! XDD

oh yea i didn't know you could do that with the pic!! wow... technology can still surprise me! XD



Awesome! You should also tell me about it, lol. xDDD

Sooooo? You can just make a welcome page to introduce yo'self! >8]
Wow, that's awesome, then, they liked it! But sucks if they didn't give you credit. xP Oi! No whacking! Ohno wouldn't approve of that! >:/

Lol me too. But how can Arashi be our anti-drug when they are a drug in itself? XD???????

Yeah, I didn't either. I just experimented one time, and was like: "Oooh, I wonder!" And BAM! That was the result! XD


yea i'll do that so you can jon in my raid at them!! muwahahhahaha!! *cough cough* my evil laughter has a limit.

you know i'm gonna use the same excuse as those other times. XD i'm just a lazy ass!! yea i don't think they gave me credit but i didn't see them using the banner too. =/ well you started it!! Jun wouldn't like you starting mess!!!

ahahahaha!!! good point! XDD well we don't have to take pills with them. XD

wow!! photoshop a pic of Ohno and me standing together then i could show it to my uncle and get $1000!!! 8D he once said that if i get a pic with them he'd give me money. XDD but he wouldn't give me money for the premiere. =3=


LOL, here. *hands you cough syrup*

Screw you and your lazy ass! Laaaame, lame laaaaaame! XP
But Jun goes around whacking people. Plus, he's DoS, he'd love to see me whack the hell outta you. ;D

What kinda pills? Crazy pills? XD

I'm gonna need a picture of you and Ohno. xD With same lighting, same size. And hey! I killed myself making you your damn birthday present! XD SO BE HAPPY!
And that's not fair of your uncle! the premiere should be valid!


LOL! arigatou~~ XD

i know i'm lame!! XD AHAHA!!! nu uh! Jun loves me so he wouldn't want me to get whacked! XD

yea those crazy pills! they're such colorful pills at that!! XD

LOL! but i haven't seen it yet so i can't be sure whether it's worthy of my possession~~ XD i know it's so not fair! come on we were even caught on tape but he won't give me the money!!


people have been stealing your work...!?

that's very bitchy....>.<

i'm very sorry, MatsuJunkie-san.....T_T

not that i stole it, just feeling sorry lol

ive only been browsing them. <333

that before/after thing is AWEOSOME!!!!!!!!!!!

how did you like...cut out Jun-chan and make him face straight, and....waaah! lol

sorry, i get hyper LOLZ



*shoves a spoonful down our throat* xD GET WELL SOON!

Yeah but he loves his wifey more! xDDD

*hogs all the crazy rainbow sparkly pills*

LOL it's worth it, I swear! xDDD ohno's cute in it! And I photoshopped like crazy on it! you better appreciate! LOL he sucks! xD


Yeah my friend told me it was on myspace or something. ><;
Lol, I know, it's cool. It's okay to save my drawings or something, and even to share it with people, as long as I get credit, and as long as people ask me first. xD

Thanks! Oh no, I had the original scan of the cover, except it wasn't my scan, so I don't want to post it without asking kikinini-san first. ><;
All I did was take out all the text that was on Jun's shirt(if you could see all the text on the cover). ;P


okay now your kindness turned into DoS-ness!! XDD

yea he loves his wifey more so he wouldn't want you to be violent!

hey hey!! share some of those crazy rainbow sparkly pills!!! >=O

mm hmm! i'll be the judge of that! XD i know my uncle sucks!!


That just goes to show how comfortable I am taking with you, so FEEL SPECIAL! >O *loveslaps* xDD

Never! He'd want me to follow in his footsteps, ne? :D Just like how Ohno'd love you to learn to love fishing and stuff. xD

<.< >.> Okay fine! But not so loud! This is a limited resource! <.< >.>

EPIC FAIL. xD I'll post it on your birthday. x]


awwww people have been steeling your work TT~TT! not nice. I know it's really hard to clean up pics. I found that out today *points to avit* I had to get rid of the words (not SUPER hard, since it wasn't covering aiba's body, but it still wasn't easy). OH and yes I plan on subbing and translating too ( once I actually start teaching myself Japanese. )


Very unkind of them! ><;
Ugh, yes, it's torture! But the end result is soooo worth it ne?? xD

Oooh, awesome! We ccan help each other in that department!


it's definitely worth it, it looks sooo much better without the words.. they need to supply us fans with the original pics, it would save us a lot of trouble haha.
Yes we should! I'd love to help out the fandom. btw your avi is HOT *has heart attack*.


That's what always crosses my mind!!! XDDD Whenever I'm cleaning up a picture, I'd whine and grumble about them putting text all over, LOL. Can't they out it on a separate page? LOL. *is shot*
Yes me too! <3
I know! credit to kikinini! <3 Took so long to clean up, lol.


awww..... *loveslaps you back* i love you too! >w< XD

hey your right! =D but don't let it out on me, let it out on Lahtee!! XDD then when Lahtee gets you back you can get Jun  to get revenge for you!! XDD DoS power!!

hai hai, himitsu desu....

post it tomorrow or saturday!! i SERIOUSLY CAN'T WAIT TO SEE IT!!! X3 


They really should, thats what they do with alot of US mags. Does kikinini have a vox? *wants to make her my friend*


Yaaay, rabu all around! *huggles* xD!

LOL, yes yes he would! :D But...I dun wanna hurt Lahtee! TT^TT </3 *huggles e-Lahtee*

EH?? Why not on your birthday??? XD On Saturday you'll be out so no can do. xD


Oh yeah? That's true huh. O: *never realized lol*
yes, it's onlyjun.vox.com n___n


LOL! *hugs and bitch slaps you* =3

aww.. such a nice friend. =]

oh yea... but i'm dying to know what it looks like!!! >w<

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